Autism Awareness Ride, Bangalore, 2018

Someone asked me a very genuine question: Are you trying to justify biking in the name of charity? Is this a reason to promote biking? I smiled and responded, how many of us will go ahead and donate in the name of charity? Not me, not you, not that easily at least. So why not gather passionate people who want to be aware of the cause, but register, ride and indirectly donate for the cause.

Which is why ~700 Riders of Bangalore teamed up for an Autism Awareness Ride from Dell EMC to Mugabu Sports Centre, Bangalore.

LR (301)LR (363)LR (374)LR (384)LR (418)LR (460)LR (463)LR (470)LR (471)LR (479)LR (497)LR (499)LR (513)LR (550)LR (551)LR (558)LR (579)LR (611)LR (636)LR (639)LR (654)LR (656)LR (662)LR (684)LR (685)LR (699)LR (719)LR (733)LR (745)LR (755)LR (762)LR (20)LR (28)LR (45)LR (107)LR (330)LR (679)LR (739)LR (391)

LR (266) Organized by: DeBlue Banyan                                   Off-Road Partner: Nomadic Soul RC


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